Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 12

Plant and Grow in 30 Days Day 12

In our “busy” society sometimes we choose convenience over quality.  This is what helps keep the fast food restaurants in business, but that’s another post.  So, those who really know me know that grocery shopping is one of my least favorite things to do.  I like to cook the food and eat the food, but I don’t like to shop for it.  Go figure.  There was a time when I would go to multiple places for groceries.  One place might have the best meats, another place higher quality produce, and yet another place the best prices on household products. Well that time has passed.  Now I try to get it all at the nearest grocery store.  That has resulted in me getting sub par produce at times, but it’s convenient.  Today I went to a farmer’s stand for my produce after having gone to the store for my other items.  One bite of my strawberries confirmed that it was worth the extra time and travel.  My Day 12 “new” was simple, but it made me happy, and that’s the point of it after all.


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