Plant and Grow In 30 Days

Plant and Grow In 30 Days

In light of spring’s arrival and some personal and professional development I have been implementing, I am going to dedicate the month of April as 30 days of growth.  For each of these thirty days I am going to try, learn, or do something new.

We all look forward to the weekend and today was a beautiful, warm, and sunny Saturday.  Normally a day that I would have spent having some outdoor fun or shopping and grilling out.  Anything but, sitting in front of a computer screen for eight hours listening to speakers.  That is however, how I spent most of my day.

This first day of April I spent live streaming the Act Like A Success Conference and I have no regrets.  I learned a lot, had some “aha” moments, laughed, and connected with some wonderful people in the live chat.  Not my normal Saturday, but one well spent.

Stay tuned for days 2-30.


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