In Today’s News…

In Today’s News…

What has been done in the past, whether bad or good, is old news.  What are you doing today?  These were the words swirling around in my head this morning.

Sometimes we hold onto the past so tightly that it chokes out our future.  Negative past experiences have a way of instilling a fear in some, that is so strong they feel they cannot move forward or they refuse to move forward for fear of failure.  You have to get a revelation that, that was yesterday’s edition, today is a new day, time to make some new headlines.

Negative past experiences aren’t the only ones that can trip us up or halt our movement.  Quite often, positive accomplishments do the very same thing.  We got this degree, received that award, made the team, reached a career milestone and we stop right there.  Yes, accomplishments are to be celebrated.  But, you can’t live in the glory of those same accomplishments forever.

Not knocking anyone’s “glory days”.  Be proud of yesterday’s achievements, but don’t get so caught up in them that you can’t answer the question:  What are you doing now/today?


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