Is it Over Yet?

Is it Over Yet?

I have never wanted any Presidential election to be over as much as this 2016 election.  This sentiment is one that I believe resonates with most Americans.  This election has brought out the worst of the worse:  false accusations, name calling, rudeness, implications, lies, low blows, and not just amongst the candidates.  Outside of the presidential candidate boxing ring, associates and friends (real and/or social media) who support opposing candidates, have exchanged low blows and resorted to name calling.  Many associations and friendships have ended as a result.

Emotions have run higher than I have personally seen before.  Even calm, cool, and collected me, allowed myself to be dragged into an argument on social media (I am embarrassed to say).  In the midst of the chaos some of us have lost our way-operating in fear and worry, buying into the gloom and doom predictions of the impending destruction that awaits us if a particular candidate wins.  I had to fight through the smoke to get back to what I already knew:  no matter what God is still in control.

On Wednesday morning, after all the ballots have been casted and counted, no matter if the candidate we supported won or not,  we can take assurance in a quote that I have seen on a lot of signs posted on church grounds lately:  “No matter who is president, Jesus is still King”.


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