Month: November 2016

No Complaints Here-Challenge Update

No Complaints Here-Challenge Update

It’s the day after the national day of thanks and gratitude aka Thanksgiving, so I thought it would be a good time to update you on how my no complaints challenge went.  I accepted a challenge in which I could not complain about anything at all for 24 hours.  How did it go?  Overall it went pretty well.  It was not easy however.  When you’re focused on not complaining, you realize that small things that you might not otherwise consider complaints, actually are.

My 24 hour challenge started at 6:45 a.m. November 16th.  I woke my daughter up at 7 am for school and had to immediately catch myself before I complained about her room being messy.  I redirected myself by focusing on the facts that she’s healthy, doing well in school and band, active in church and sports, etc.  Thinking about these things made the messy room a little less important (still made her clean it up after school though).

I woke up to surprise flowers and a card on my beside table that morning, so I knew it was going to be real easy for me not to have any complaints concerning my husband.

So throughout my day when I felt a complaint on the tip of my tongue I either turned it around into something positive or I swallowed it and went on.  Car pulled out in front of me-said a prayer that they make it safely to their destination, long line in store and few registers open- used the time for Facebook scroll through and email check, lots of laundry to do-“happy that we have all of these nice clothes to wear”.  That is how it went for the day and I am happy to say that I passed the test.

Doing this really put into perspective how small some of the  issues that I might normally have complained about really were.  Have I strayed since the challenge?  Yes, some, but I am much more mindful of it now.  I was never a big complainer, but I realize that I have so much to be grateful and thankful for (we all do), so I want to strive to live a complaint-free life.  Yes, I believe it is possible and I am challenging myself to do better in this department day by day.  Are you up for the challenge?

No Complaints Here

No Complaints Here

My midweek motivation comes from a quote posted in one of my Facebook groups:  “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s we would gladly grab ours back”.  This is a reminder to us that no matter what we’re going through or what our current situation is, there is always someone else whose situation is much worse.

Personally, I am a solution seeker, who tries to focus on resolving the problem instead of focusing on the problem itself.  After all, no issue is fixed by simply dwelling on it.  For me the process of problem solving begins with praying, then waiting, listening, and acting.  A prayer for guidance, waiting on His direction, listening for and to His voice in whatever form it comes, and then acting accordingly.

The poster of the quote mentioned above issued a challenge to the group:  no complaining about a single thing for 24 hours.  I accepted this challenge and will write about how it went in my next blog post.

Will you accept the challenge too?

Is it Over Yet?

Is it Over Yet?

I have never wanted any Presidential election to be over as much as this 2016 election.  This sentiment is one that I believe resonates with most Americans.  This election has brought out the worst of the worse:  false accusations, name calling, rudeness, implications, lies, low blows, and not just amongst the candidates.  Outside of the presidential candidate boxing ring, associates and friends (real and/or social media) who support opposing candidates, have exchanged low blows and resorted to name calling.  Many associations and friendships have ended as a result.

Emotions have run higher than I have personally seen before.  Even calm, cool, and collected me, allowed myself to be dragged into an argument on social media (I am embarrassed to say).  In the midst of the chaos some of us have lost our way-operating in fear and worry, buying into the gloom and doom predictions of the impending destruction that awaits us if a particular candidate wins.  I had to fight through the smoke to get back to what I already knew:  no matter what God is still in control.

On Wednesday morning, after all the ballots have been casted and counted, no matter if the candidate we supported won or not,  we can take assurance in a quote that I have seen on a lot of signs posted on church grounds lately:  “No matter who is president, Jesus is still King”.