A Prince Among Us

I know it seems silly to some to mourn the loss of someone whom you don’t personally know. And I never met the man, but I feel like I knew him through his music and I was able to identify with him on another level because he too was an introvert. The fact that he could get up on that stage and share his gift in the manner that he did, in spite of this inspired me.

Music for me is more than a “catchy tune” or a nice beat to dance to. It is a form of therapy. It has seen me through heartaches and breaks, encouraged me, motivated me, calmed me, helped me to sleep at night.

I was introduced to Prince in 1984 via the movie Purple Rain and instantly became a fan. His music made me think, cry, laugh, dance. Therefore, I am not ashamed to say that I shed some tears when I heard the news that Prince had died and that I am shedding some even as I write this.

We have lost another legend. But, it is only a physical loss because his music will never die.


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