Who Ya Wit?

Rewind back to elementary and middle school p.e. classes.  Two captains were chosen and told to pick classmates to be on their team, to play whatever sport was being played that day.  Maybe you were always the first pick or maybe you were one of the last ones or like me maybe you fell somewhere in between. Regardless if you were first or last, you had to be on one team or the other.

Now fast forward back to the present.  There are two teams in play.  Which one are you on?  Neutrality is not an option.  Participation is required.  Unlike the p.e. classes of our youth; however, we get to choose what team we want to be on.  Failure to choose Team God places us on the losing team by default.  As is expressed in Matthew 12:30 “he that is not With me is Against me, and he that gathereth not with me scattereth”.

So in the words of beloved comedian Bernie Mac who ya wit?



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