Open Your Gifts

When we receive a Christmas gift, a sense of excitement/exhilaration courses through our body.  Young, old,    or somewhere in the middle we all like gifts.  We rip the wrapping paper to get to the content or maybe we’re one of those people who carefully opens the pretty paper, with hopes of saving it as a keepsake.  Either way, we anxiously anticipate what lies inside the package.  After the gift is revealed and thanks is given to the giver, we use the gift either immediately or at some later point in time.  What most of us don’t do is leave the gift unopened or open it and allow it to go unused.

However, there are gifts that our father(the heavenly one) has bestowed upon us that we fail to open or to make use of.  Gifts such as salvation, love, peace, and joy.  Our father loves us; let us show our gratitude and appreciation for His gifts.


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