No Take Backs

Little kids are often great sharers, loaning or giving their friends and playmates small toys and games to play with. However, sometimes this generosity doesn’t last long. They get mad about something the recipient does or doesn’t do and demand their stuff back. Do you remember having this happen to you? Or maybe you were the one doing the take back. When I was a child we called it “Indian giving” (we weren’t politically correct back then).

We as adult believers are often guilty of this same type of giving. God has invited us to cast our anxieties/cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7; Psalm 55:22). Burdened down, we pack up our problems, situations, worries and give them to Him. Then something happens:  maybe we don’t like His answer to our problem or maybe He isn’t moving fast enough for us, so we take what we have given Him back. Only to be overwhelmed all over again.
Give it to Him and let Him keep it. No take backs!


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