Recipe For Change

Recipe For Change

The main ingredient for change is that there must first be a revelation that there is a need for change.  A solution is preceded by a problem.  If one doesn’t perceive a problem then one does not seek a solution.

Next, a desire for change is necessary.  Even with a revelation of a need for change, a person who does not wish to change will not change, plain and simple.  This desire needs to come from within because forced, shamed, or guilted change will not last.

Behind that desire to change, you need motivation in the mix.  For some, simply wanting to be a better person is enough to motivate change.  Other factors might be more extrinsic such as health(physical, spiritual, mental, and/or emotional) or salvaging a relationship.  Motivation is a key ingredient because it is what will keep the person on track when the process of change becomes overwhelming.

The fourth ingredient is a plan.  You know the saying “if you fail to plan, plan to fail”.  What does change look like?  What steps will be taken?  are questions that need to be addressed.

The recipe completer is implementing the plan.  Rolling the revelation, desire, motivation, and plan into action.
Knowing that you need change, having the desire to change, being motivated to change, and having a plan for change equates to nothing, without as Iyanla Vanzant would say, “doing the work”.  “You’ve got to do the work”.

**I would be amiss if I failed to say, in this recipe for change,  prayer is the binder.**


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