All Eyes on Him

All Eyes on Him

Peter locked his eyes on Jesus and began walking towards him; now these weren’t any ordinary steps he was taking.  Peter was walking on water (Matthew 14:27-29).  Can you imagine the awe he must have felt, to be walking not in, but on water?  This laws of nature defying moment was short-lived however.  The wind began to pick up and fear and doubt overtook Peter.  These co conspirators caused him to take his eyes/his focus off of Jesus and he began to sink.

There are times in our lives when we are charging full steam ahead towards a goal, fully focused on its achievement, only to look around at the faces of doubters and hear the voices of naysayers.  Then that dynamic duo fear and doubt gain a chokehold on us, paralyzing us.

In the case of Peter, Jesus didn’t let him sink.  He stretched out his hand and caught him. Likewise, He will not allow us, his children, to sink either.  Keep your eyes on Him.


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