This Skin I’m In

This Skin I’m In

I love every single inch of it
Though it is not perfect and sometimes there is more of it than there used to be
It is mine and I embrace it
There are scars, each with its own story
When I fail to get enough sleep there are dark circles
Sometimes I cover them with makeup, other times I wear them proudly
Although unwanted, they are still a part of me
As I have gotten older the one mole that I had in my youth has multiplied into a family of moles
I embrace them, they add character
Sometimes my eyebrows are perfectly arched, other times I embrace my natural brow and let the hair grow thick and wild
Pimples used to freak me out, sending me on missions to get rid of them or looking for ways to hide them
Now I accept them as just another slight imperfection
Flaws, scars, blemishes, and all, I love every single inch of this skin I’m in


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