Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Between the ages of three and seven, children sometimes awaken in the middle of the night with severe pain or discomfort in their legs, thighs, and/or calves. The culprit: growing pains. The cause: bone growth that stretches the bone’s thick covering.(;

As adults we too experience growing pains.  Our pains,however;are associated with change. The Lord constantly has to stretch us, reshape us, add a little or a lot of something, and sometimes He has to take some things away. This results in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain-sometimes a combination of the four and sometimes all four at the same time.

Though the process hurts, in both cases it results in something wonderful. For the kids the end result is physical growth. For the grown folk, these growing pains mature us into beautiful vessels prepared and equipped for God’s service and use.


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